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Cluster Analysis and Pattern Recognition

ClusterGraphix Class DiagramClusterGraphix Class Diagram


ClusterGraphix 0.95.x


ClusterGraphix 0.95.3ClusterGraphix 0.95.3

 Impressions of the 0.95.x Versions from 2017 (coming soon)

Cluster Graphics 0.9


Cluster Graphics 0.9 Cluster Master 0.4

Cluster Graphics 0.9 and Cluster Master 0.4 from 2010 (Example)

Cluster Graphics 0.8


Cluster Graphics 0.8  Cluster Master 1.0

Cluster Graphics 0.8 and Cluster Master 0.1 from 2007 (3 Examples)

about clusterfreak.de

This is a private homepage without commercial interest.

Since my studies I deal with artificial intelligence and so it has become a hobby of mine. In 2005, the first usable version of the software developed. Since then, it will be further developed sporadically.